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Web Design Studio

The fastest way for professional designers and front-end coders to build websites in the cloud - working alone, with freelancers or in team.


Save time and scale your business

On average, users save up to 4 hours a day creating professional websites!

A fresh project, just a click away!

Launch new projects at lighting speed. Duplicate projects in a click.


Fast & reliable performance

We are cloud! No reason to set up a separate hosting environment. Fully integrated part of the package.


Save time & Start from a theme

Install modular templates, edit structures & layouts in just one click. Save time but keep the ultimate designer freedom!

Design Editor

Kill repetitive work

Your designs are mobile-friendly, CMS-ready and developer-friendly right from the start. We call it design that works.

Design Editor

Front-end freedom

SiteManager has native back-end automation, which empowers front-end developers to build CMS components, design elements and plug&play databases.


Your customer will love it!

The user experience is intuitive and easy to grasp due to an innovative visual interface.
Focus solely on the job of editing content. Don't worry about code or design.

Visual CMS

We enable your success!

We want our customer success agents to act as personal web design coaches, with the ultimate goal to enable the customer’s timesaving expectations.


No hassle with updates & patches

Your website's future updates and patches are automatically pushed through the SiteManager cloud platform.


All-in-one timesaving toolstack

How SiteManager will make you design, develop and deploy websites faster than ever before.

Four time-saving applications work seamlessly together, yet preserving the preferred user experience for each professional.

SiteManager is for...

Save time and grow your margin on every web project

Vs Open Source CMS

Save time in development, updates, patches and support!

SiteManager VS Open Source

Don't use sledgehammers to crack nuts. Choose the right tools for the right project. Calculate time savings by evaluating production, maintenance and support costs. 

No need to waste time or resources reproducing code. Use a great modular design editor and visual CMS to pre-build code. And focus developer resources on unique project functionalities with our powerful developer application. 
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85% Time saved

99% Less updates

Vs Sitebuilders

Offer your clients a visual CMS but still keep control of code and design!

SiteManager VS SiteBuilder

With a sitebuilder, graphic designers and customers are working in the same interface. The freedom it gives to the customer is often the designer’s biggest challenge. These tools style content inline.

The problem that arises is that customers destroy content design just by editing one single header title. A nightmare for brand consistency. Fixing design often results in unpaid rework which decrease project margins. 
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79% Less code

58% More profit


How this digital marketing agency from Brussels improved the efficiency of their development process by switching to SiteManager.


What people say...

Bert Jonckheere

Bert Jonckheere

When I look at it now, switching my web design tool to SiteManager was a small change for me but had a big impact for my business and customers. I strongly recommend colleagues to start working with the platform.
Lino Meert - web designer

Lino Meert

It's a very user-friendly platform where, as a designer, I can use my creativity without being limited. I can build beautiful websites without having to spend hours programming everything. 
Yves Peeters

Yves Peeters

The SiteManager platform is ingenious. Foolproof for me and my customer. Very cool!
Sofie Liesenborghs

Sofie Liesenborghs

These WordPress templates are not made for editing. I started losing time and I got frustrated. It just took me too much time and energy, it wasn’t fun anymore. I also underestimated the time spent to update the WordPress versions on my server.

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