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How Lingra deploys and secures brand consistency.

Bert Jonckheere, owner of Lingra, uses SiteManager as a flexible platform to build unique website designs and give his customers the power to edit content without impacting brand consistency.

Graphic designers build unique identities

Bert Jonckheere, founded Lingra a few years ago. At that time, he was still working in marketing for a big corporate organisation. Since March 2016, he gave up his full time job because he wanted to savour entrepreneurship, to create things.

Bert Jonckheere: “As a graphic designer I want to create identities. I want to design brands that differentiate from others. Lingra offers a complete online & offline communication package to starters and growing business. I guide them in the branding process and provide them with the necessary tools: a corporate image, website, promotional tools.”

Every customer has a personal story. Most of the time that’s a great point to start from. Branding agencies want to reflect unique identities in the new brand, visualised in colors pallets, schemes, stylesheets and logo.

Bert Jonckheere added: “Of course, I want to give each new brand a “Lingra” - touch. I could describe my style as not too abstract, using organic forms and structures in web designs.”

After aligning all the different brand aspects, the new identity needs to be deployed in all the existing off and online marketing mediums. In 95% of the cases, a branded website remains the main core online identity.
Bert Jonckheere

Bert Jonckheere, founder Lingra

I want to create identities. I want to design brands that differentiate from others.

A SiteBuilder doesn’t secure brand consistency

Graphic designers are looking for new innovative ways to create websites. Building a web design needs to be smooth and efficient. Most of the time, designers start with some layout mock-ups. However, there is a growing trend to design inside the browser.

“I like tools with responsive frameworks.”, Bert Jonckheere said. “Before SiteManager, I build most of my websites with a sitebuilder. It was a compromise between me and my customers. They wanted to be able to edit content in a “what you see is what you get”-experience.”

With a sitebuilder, graphic designers and customers are working in the same interface. The freedom it gives to the customer is often the designer’s biggest challenge. These tools style content inline. The problem that arises is that customers can destroy content design just by editing one single header title. A nightmare for brand consistency.

Bert Jonckheere added: “I‘m convinced that it’s my job to create and secure the customer’s brand. As a result, I ended up in fixing design, every time a customer edited content. Rework that was often unpaid. I lost money and my project margins decreased.”

With SiteManager, Design and content work seamlessly together

A colleague in the business introduced Bert Jonckheere to SiteManager. As a tool for web professionals with a great innovative vision about design, content and custom development. The platform offers three separate applications that are seamlessly working together.

Bert explained: “That approach is great for graphic design agencies. The CMS is limited to just adding and editing content to pages. The content can be styled in the design application in a very efficient way.”

Bert Jonckheere is now able to secure the brand consistency in a much better way now. Without limiting the content flexibility for his customer. That results in less rework, content redesign,... The increase in process efficiency reflects in higher project margins, making his business more profitable.
Before SiteManager, I build most of my websites with a sitebuilder. It was a compromise between me and my customers.

Big impact, small change!

Choosing a new design platform is an important decision. There always is a kind of learning curve.

Bert Jonckheere reflected: “I learned to use the design application to build page layouts and style content. The content is added in the CMS application. Once I made that click, it worked like a charm.”

“It was the support during and after the onboarding that really made a difference”, Bert added, “They have a great online knowledge base and video tutorials, but they prefer service with a personal touch.”

“When I look at it now, switching my web design tool from a sitebuilder to SiteManager was a small change for me but had a big impact for my business and customers. I strongly recommend colleagues to start working with the platform.”

Branded websites created by Lingra using the SiteManager platform.

Alexander Hoogewijs
Alexander Hoogewijs
CEO SiteManager
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