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Platform Updates

Change is the only constant
On a daily basis we are improving the SiteManager platform. Some updates are inspired because of the valuable feedback we receive from customers. Other releases result from the step by implementation of our long term vision, to empower studio's, agencies, and web professionals to connect and collaborate efficiently in smart technology.

December 2017

  • DEVELOPER: Token management
  • CMS: Location database with google maps search view demo

November 2017

  • DEVELOPER: copy component items to other components
  • CMS: copy function to other languages for all input data
  • ADD-ON: bugherd
  • ADD-ON: custom cms topbar branding
  • ADD-ONS: release: more info on our blog
  • DESIGN - new theme - Mira
  • DATABASES: edit category name
  • CMS: Story Chief integration: more info on our blog

October 2017

  • MAJOR RELEASE: Plug & Play databases: more info on blog
  • CMS: search function for upgrade store components
  • CMS: robots.txt added to sitemap module
  • Dashboard - 13 new permissions added to user management
  • DESIGN: Add additional elements to general stylesheet
  • DESIGN: prettyphoto lightbox styling

September 2017

  • CMS - UX: Language tabs for multi language sites
  • DESIGN: CSS editor for developers
  • DEVELOPER: can unlink page components from upgrade store so they can re-install them
  • DESIGN / CMS: Multiple bugfixes
  • DESIGN - new theme - Elise
  • DASHBOARD - Plug & Play SSL add on 
  • CMS - Redirect Module

August 2017

  • DESIGN - new theme - Aurora
  • CMS - UX: Copy content items from list functionality
  • CMS - UX: Publish website: select multiple pages and search for page(s) added
  • DESIGN - new theme - Candor
  • DESIGN - new theme - Sketch
  • DESIGN - UX: Notification on different responsive values in designpanels
  • CMS / DESIGN: refresh page functionality
  • CMS: smart jump to and hightlight for list item actions (install, delete and visual editing)

July 2017

  • CMS - UX: Double click and edit buttons for responsive columns in visual CMS - opens form in correct level
  • CMS - UX: Upload images in batch for page components with a list of multiple upload
  • CMS / DEVELOPER - update - responsive columns, file manager, rich text input in Widgets
  • Design - new theme - Wilson

June 2017

  • Design - use svg / jpeg files for patterns, borders,...
  • CMS - use svg / jpeg files for icons, logo, ...

May 2017

April 2017

March 2017

February 2017

January 2017

  • CMS/Developer - enable multi level structures for widgets
  • Design - copy design element styling from other layouts
  • Design - mobile styling preview for smartphone & tablet (landscape - portrait)
  • Design - new theme - Hydro

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