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Platform Updates

Change is the only constant
On a daily basis we are improving the SiteManager platform. Some updates are inspired because of the valuable feedback we receive from customers. Other releases result from the step by implementation of our long term vision, to empower studio's, agencies, and web professionals to connect and collaborate efficiently in smart technology.

December 2018

  • PAGESPEED update: major bug fixed wrong layout files when published
  • DESIGN: new theme - Renato

November 2018

  • MULTILANGUAGE update: page visibility per language
  • MULTILANGUAGE update: unpublish page per language
  • PLATFORM: Restyle Page Property with visual SEO feedback
  • ECOMMERCE: new ecwid add-on

October 2018

  • DATABASES: new developer variables for order fields
  • DATABASES: create category list variables
  • PLATFORM: system wide tokens for upcoming MAPfit integration
  • CMS: fix save large forms with multi languages

September 2018

  • PLATFORM: New forms for visuals CMS
  • SIGNUP: new demo engine

August 2018

  • PLATFORM: Material Design for design app
  • PLATFORM: Material Design for developer app
  • PLATFORM: Material Design for visual CMS
  • DESIGN: new theme - Lauren

July 2018

  • PLATFORM: Material Design for dashboard app

June 2018

  • DESIGN: SiteManager Material Design for platform phase 2
  • PAGEPEED: Functionalities added to database detail pages
  • SSL: swapping between projects

May 2018

  • PLATFORM: Material Design for bootstrap phase 1
  • WEBSITE: Redesign

April 2018

  • PLATFORM: SiteManager Search
  • DEVELOPER: New code editor 
  • CMS: updated Form builder

March 2018

  • DESIGN: new theme - Chromatis
  • DEVELOPER: Pagespeed module (Beta)

February 2018

  • DESIGN: new theme - Mira
  • DASHBOARD: 8 new CMS user permissions (install, copy, delete, move items in content)
  • CMS: Instagram integration
  • CMS: Update form builder / multiple step form builder
  • DEVELOPER: Copy Design Panels from Page Components to Design Elements and vice versa
  • DEVELOPER: New UI/UX Page Components

January 2018

  • DESIGN: new theme - Valerio
  • CMS: Facebook Albums - Learn More
  • CMS: Unpublish pages (system updates - upgrade store)

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