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Platform Updates

Change is the only constant

Action Required: SiteManager Network IP Address A-Record change

Action Required: If you own domainnames linked to websites on the SiteManager platform, immediate attention is required.

What is changing?
As part of SiteManager’s continued investment in our infrastructure to provide you the fastest, most reliable and secure web design platform, we made some important changes to our network configuration. New IP addresses are being used starting in June 2019, so please update your configurations by July 31, 2019.

A-record updates
In the control panel of your domain management tool you need to change the IP address of the A-record to

You may want to first lower your TTL before making this DNS change. This will reduce the time your DNS-record will be changed over the world wide web.

Above image shows an example in the Combell DNS settings page - Your settings page may be different.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

Thank you,
The SiteManager Team