Freelance web design service

How to collaborate with freelance web designers

without losing control over your projects

Freelancers can be a great opportunity for agencies to scale

However, it's not without risks. Agency owners risk losing the ability to take their own decisions, to keep track of work progress, to respond and act quickly. And what happens when their freelancer bails on them?

In this ebook you'll learn about a completely new approach of working with freelancers.

✅ Eliminate dependencies and bottlenecks that often plague projects built with the help of freelancers.
✅ Get back in control and take back ownership over your projects.
✅ Have a clear overview of project costs and collaborate with freelancers in a more transparent way.

About the author

Alexander Hoogewijs is CEO and co-founder of SiteManager. In 2010 he started his own web agency and he's worked with many freelance web designers over the years. 

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